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Specially adjusted BILSTEIN mono-tube gas-pressure shock absorbers with the matching springs emphatically improved the handling of the W 113.

Suspension kit with Eibach springs, Bilstein B6 shock absorbers front/ rear and Rear suspension Compensating spring.
If you expect more damping power from your shock absorber – even under loads – but don’t want to opt for an all-out sports model, the BILSTEIN B6 is the ideal solution.

We did not want to pay for the considerably improved driving dynamics with uncompromising hardness and depth. After all, tight but still very comfortable springing for a sports car always has been a characteristic of the W 113 suspension.
Very tight specifications for everyone involved. The high-performance BILSTEIN shock absorbers were installed, removed and modified time and again in the search for the ideal setup until the perfect characteristics for the W 113 were finally found. The BILSTEIN-based suspension is available for the W 113 types 230, 250 and 280 SL.

The chassis lowering preferred for the W 113 is 25-30 mm. If this height adjustment does not suit you, you can compensate the difference through thicker spring pads from Mercedes-Benz. The complete offer for the “Pagoda” also includes a set of springs whose characteristics have also been specially adapted to the BILSTEIN high-performance shock absorbers in the W 113.

!!! Colour shock absorber is yellow !!!
!!! Colour front/rear springs is black !!!
!!! Colour compensating spring is black !!!

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