A car you can’t pass by indifferently, but it’s the driver who gets the most pleasure. And all this because it drives even better than it looks. This resurrected version of the three-wheeler, such a characteristic design for Morgan, is second to none.

    After more than seventy years of the Plus4’s reign, the time has come for its successor. Not only the name of Plus Four refers to its predecessor, despite the fact that only a few parts share the same idea. However, in the case of the new Plus Four, this idea was redefined into the possibilities of the 21st century.

    Is a milestone in the history of the brand. Although it looks similar to the Roadster at first glance, the entire vehicle structure has been redesigned, only 1% of the parts are shared with earlier models.

    Morgan Motor Company offers an antidote to mass automotive production, a unique combination of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology.

    Morgan is known for its unique blend of craftsmanship, heritage and pure driving experience, it has been producing British vehicles in Malvern, UK for 110 years.

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